2020 Ultimate Xmas Box Package

Our best selling Christmas offer since 2006. Tailor made to cater for your family’s Christmas and new year needs.


40 in stock


2x2kg Chicken portions
4kg Beef
750ml Mayonnaise
790ml Tomato sauce
250g 3 leaves tea
2kg Tomatoes
2kg Onions
2 Cabbage
4 Cucumbers
1kg Mixed peppers
1kg Carrots
2L Cooking oil
1kg Cremora
2L Mazoe Blackberry
10kg roller meal
6Kg Rice
6Kg Flour
6Kg Sugar
6x75g Royco Mix
3x400g Spaghetti
3x400g Macaroni
1kg Green bar
1 Geisha
2kg Loose Biscuits
6pkts Creamed Biscuits
3x2L Coke/Sprite/Fanta
4 Loaves bread
1 Medium Cake sponge/chocolate
1kg Bag Mixed Sweets
500g Sun Jam

Orders must be placed/booked b4 the 15th of December to avoid the rush.