Xmas Goodies & Goat Special Package

Our second best selling special package since 2006


15 in stock


1 Slaughtered goat

10kg Roller Meal

2Kg Chicken 🍗 portions

250g 3 leaves tea

2Kg Tomatoes 🍅

1Kg Onions

1 Cabbage

750 Mayonnaise

2L Cooking oil

2L Mazoe

4Kg Sugar

4Kg Rice

4kg Flour

1kg Green bar 🧼

1 Geisha

2L Coke

6pkts creamed biscuits 🍪

2 Loaves bread 🍞

2x75g Royco Mix

50g Madras Curry Powder

250g Sun 🌞 Jam

1 bag mixed sweets 🍭


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